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Who We Are

ARFhouse is a sanctuary for abandoned and abused dogs; we are their advocates, and if space is available, we accept any dog who doesn't have a home. At any time, we house and care for 350 dogs, which is what space allows.  We spay or neuter all the dogs who arrive, and provide them with medical attention they need.  The next step is re-homing the dogs, which takes time and effort.  Many dogs will stay at ARFhouse for life, but we want those who can find love and care in a home environment to have the best chance to do so. 

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Adopt a Dog

The ARFhouse Adoption Program allows some of the ARFhouse animals to be available for adoption to suitable owners. Since those animals which are not adopted will stay at ARFhouse for life, ARFhouse works hard at insuring that a prospective owner has the level of commitment necessary to properly care for a dog.

Dirk (to the left) is one of our adoptable dogs awaiting their new home.   Visit our Available Dogs Page to meet all of  his friends.
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The Be-A-Pal Program lets you sponsor the dog of your choice at ARFhouse. The dogs in our "Be-A-Pal" program are a combination of dogs that may not be suitable for a family environment, have special health needs that require frequent attention, or are residents of our Senior Sanctuary. For $20 a month we will send you periodic photos of the dog you choose to sponsor. Through your support and ARFhouse's caring volunteers, these dogs are given a second chance at a good life.

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Candace, shown on the right, is a member of our Be-A-Pal program
You can read more about Candace on our Be-A-Pal page.

For more information on these programs, please email martha@arfhouse.org
Entrance to ARFhouse is guarded by these tough guys. 
A Wonderful Adoption Story

"Bailey" was a wonderful Doberman who arrived as a stray with two puppies.  One of the puppies has already found his family, and the other pretty boy is sure to be adopted soon through our weekly adoption program.

Mimi and Alec Reardon are "Bailey's" new family.  Here's what Mimi had to say about her:

Our sweet Bailey (in pink collar) is the newest addition to our family! She loves going on walks and to the park for play dates with her four-legged friends. At home, she and her "siblings" play and play and snuggle up together when they are sleeping.   We feel so blessed to have been rescued by her and can't imagine life without her! 
Dirk was an abandoned dog, found in east Dallas.  He's a sweet German Shepherd mix who loves people.  He wants his own family.
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